Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT)

YSATT works in the following areas:

Government Relations:

YSATT is the only NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that is recognized by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to be a representive on all issues facing the Yachting Industry. The Yachting Industry falls under the Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI). The MTI was mandated by an act of Parliament. Parliament mandated policies that would develop the yachting Industry as one of the 7 Sectors/ Pillars earmarked for diversification from the Energy Sector. There is now a Yachting Specialist with a Team that is mandated by the MTII to carry out the policies laid out between the Government and YSATT.

This Yachting Specialist reports directly to the Minister of Trade and Industry. Funding is made available under MTI for the development of the Yachting Industry, for example Funding for Ads in the Compass and other cruisers magazines or to go to boat shows to promote Trinidad and Tobago’s Yachting Sector.

The SHF (Single Harmonized Form) is finally being taken forward due to the work of the present YSATT President and the work of past Presidents. It has been passed in Parliament as a Bill and awaiting final signature by the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. All this has been as a result of YSATT’s continued relationships with the Government. These relationships have enabled YSATT to aid the government in pushing matters that affect the Yachting to the forefront.

The Ministry of Tourism and TTL (Tourism Trinidad Limited, a newly activated state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Tourism) now recognizes YSATT as the primary body for promoting the Yachting Industry. Due to successful relationships with TTL , YSATT is able to in get the Yachting Industry into the new National Website for Tourism for Trinidad and Tobago. In the past, Yachting was always side tracked to the more typical tourist who flew into the Caribbean basin.

The Ministries of Finance and National Security recognizes YSATT as the only body to represent the Yachting Industry for coordination during this Global Pandemic and to get this critical Industry reopened. They both have met with YSATT and we continue to communicate with them both.

Due to great relations with CDA (Chaguaramas Development Authority), YSATT has finally been able to champion the drive to get the newly established sidewalk/Cycle pathway.


YSATT is key to ensuring effective communications with various Government Agencies, other NGOs and Associations.

Communication with the various Govt Agencies is the ONLY reason for SUCCESS with the Float Plan and Convoy systems that was set up between TTCG (Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard), NPRS (North Post Radio Service), MSD (Maritime Services Division) , Port Health, Customs, Immigration, CDA (Chaguaramas Development Authority) and others.

Due to great working relationships with the local Media, YSATT is the only voice that they all turn to or recognize. Caribbean and International Press also only look to YSATT as their only source of reliable info.

Quarterly News Letters will be sent out to the membership to ensure proper communication is maintained between the Association, its Members and the Cruising Community both Locally and Internationally.

All YSATT members contact information of their services or business that is being offered to the Industry, will be communicated to everyone within this Industry.

All issues/matters affecting the Industry will be communicated to the membership as well as what is being done to address these issues/matters.

YSATT is the ONLY body the Govt recognizes during this Global Pandemic, thus they will communicate all matters relating to Covid-19 with YSATT.

Issues Impacting the Yachting Industry

  1. Global Pandemic, Covid-19
  2. SHF (Single Harmonized Form)
  3. VISA Extensions
  4. Clearence of packages through Customs
  5. No Wake Zone
  6. Oil Spills
  7. Stray dogs
  8. Decline in Yacht arrivals
  9. Venezuela fishing boats in Chaguaramas Bay
  10. Piracy
  11. Reduction of Government funding to support the Yachting Industery
  12. Marketing of the Yachting Sector
  13. Addressing the issue of the Government recognizing the true value of the Yachting Industry as a US$ income earner, immediate employment for skilled and non-skilled workers.