Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT)


Notice: - Due to a number of Carnival related fetes or events in the Chaguaramas area, getting into or out of Chaguaramas may be difficult at times. The folowing schedule is provided to allow you to make plans.

Show Fetes/Events

Cruisers will find a great number of events available to them. They are limited only by their interests and their willingness to venture out. Their are many seasonal events: Christmas, Carnival, Cricket are but a few. Others are organized by nature (i.e. Turtle watching.)

Date Event
November 19, 2018 2018 YSATT Cookout, Meet and Greet with Government officals, YSATT members and Cruisers, and Christmas Party
Location: Powerboats.

The YSATT organized event drew in a large number of cruisers as well as YSATT members. An excellent selection of food was provided (made by members) as well as music to enjoy and even dance to. A snow ball fight broke out when some childeren (and adults) discovered some surplus shaved ice.
January 1, 2019 Anual New Years SSCA/OCC Gam
Location: Wheelhouse Pub

The anual event organized by Jesse James was a great hit as usual. Jesse provided the chicken and the cruisers provided the sides. The program always is interesting. This year we were treated to a selection of snakes of Trinidad. A few brave souls even handled them.
January 1 to March 6 Carnival Events:
There are a vast number of events over the carnival season. Listed are a few of interest to cruisers. To make reservations for any event, contact Jesse James - Members only Maxi- Taxi and Tour Services at (868) 634-1658 or CH 68.
  • Sunday, February 17 - National Panorama Semi-Finals
  • Thursday, February 21 - Kings and Queens Preliminaries
  • Saturday, February 23 - Redcross Kiddie Carnival
  • Sunday, February 24 - Old Yard, Old time Carnival
  • Wednesday, February 27 - David Rudder Show
  • Wednesday, February 27 - Kings and Queens Finals
  • Thursday, February 28 - Patrice Roberts
  • Saturday, March 2 - National Panorama Finals (mediam & large)
  • Saturday, February 23 - Children's Carnival
  • Sunday, March 3 - Jouvert
  • Monday, March 4 - Parade of Bands
  • Tuesday, March 5 - Parade of Bands
  • Saturday, March 9 - Champs of Steel, plus
Listen to the morning net at 8:00 for pickup times. Note: Please ticket costs and pickup times are subject to change on short notice, so please confirm 24 hours prior. Note also: Some events restrict the use of cameras. Please check ahead of time.
Weekly Shopping Trips
Jesse James, Maxi Taxi and Tour Service, organizes shopping trips through out the week. Advanced reservation is suggested.
  • Tuesday: Long Circular Mall & Malbar Meats - Pickup at 9:30
  • Tuesday Evening: Movie Town - low price movie night. - Pickup at 4pm
  • Friday: Price Smart, Massy, & Arnies Patties - Pickup at 9:30am
  • Saturday: POS Market - Pickup at 6:30am
Weekly Regular Cruiser Activities
Cruisers get together for a number of event each week.
  • Sunday Afternoon: Dominos at 1:30pm at the Roti Hut.
  • Thursday Evening: Weekly Cruisers Pot-Luck at 6pm at the Roti Hut.
  • Friday Evening: Music Jam, 7pm at the Roti Hut.