Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT)

YSATT is the marine trades association for the yacht services industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

A new page has been created to give the details of importing Dogs or Cats into Trinidad. Entry of Dogs and Cats

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Effective 7 July 2022, The Updated Protocols for Entry into Trinidad and Tobago by Sea (For Yachts Only)

  • File a Float Plan and Marine Declaration of Health - Here
  • Scan and Email - Send the documents to the addresses on the form. cc/ Jesse James and YSATT
  • Health Check and Clear - Pick up a mooring or anchor in Chaguaramas Bay, Notify TTCG, YSATT, your marina and Jesse James.
  • Observe Covid Rules - After July 17 mask wearing is not mandatory except as specified by the MoH.
  • Stay in Contact - Contact North Post Radio as you approach Trinidad and TTCG upon arrival.

For the full requirements and procedures, please go - Here

Traveling to Tobago - Cruisers can now travel to Tobago without needing to clear in to Trinidad (Chaguaramas) first. The new procedure is effective November 1, 2022. The full details can be seen in the PDF file here.

President's Message


Whether you are here to get repairs done on your yacht, to wait out the hurricane season or simply to have a fantastic holiday, we welcome you and encourage you to stop by our office upon your arrival into Chaguaramas.

View of Chaguaramas looking west


Trinidad is blessed with the natural advantage of being below the critical hurricane belt.

Hurricane Track History


Trinidad has also evolved into the premier storage and repair centre for yachts in a quiet, laid back environment. There is room for the storage of over 1,000 yachts on land. Our skilled workers are known throughout the Caribbean for their creativity and skills and are considered second to none.